Monday, September 14, 2009

Running to Lie Still

If you know the song, you'll know I wrote the lyrics differently than Bono did, but here's how it came out...

(To Running to Stand Still, U2: Joshua Tree)

So she woke up, woke up and there she was, lying still
she said
I wish I could do something about where were going.

I'd step in front of a steam train
to get out of this pouring rain
run though this darkness to the light.

Singin'...ah a la la la de day. Ah, la la la de day Ah la la de day...

Sweet serenity, but bitter, this taste, in my mouth.
You walk though the doorways only to find there's no way out.
You gotta cry, but your weeping, and then you talk without speaking
you'd scream but you can't raise your voice
you know i'd take the poison from the poison stream
and float right out of here

Ah la la la de day....Ah la la la de day....Ah la la la de day...

So she lies in the bed with eyes painted black
under a white sheet that might as well weigh a ton.
Needing movement, needing strength,
Wondering through all of this, will it be won?
out there, a storm is raging...its raging
and a pain blows up in her eyes

though I
will suffer this fall's sweet chill

i'm just lying here once again... still.