Thursday, January 15, 2009

Quick note re: background and how to use this blog

Eddie Esparza forwarded an email I sent him to his list, so I imagine that some of those folks will wind up here on this blog. For those of you who might not know how blogs work, they read "back to front" so the first post is the last post in the archive on the right of the page. If you want to catch up on the blog, then start there and read forward from there. Otherwise, you can sort of read "backwards" by clicking on the "older posts" link at the bottom of each entry. If you like, you can "follow" the blog by clicking on the link on the right of the page and you will receive notification when I update it.

Here is a quick list of what I plan to cover in coming posts:
Hoping for anything but ALS.
Lyme disease - our time and money spent going down that path.
Homeopathic: Experiences with that
Lithium: Experiences with that
Naturopathic/Supplements etc.
Reiki - Energy work (weird)
Magic Rocks from a "medicine man" (sounds crazy, I know.)
Probably other stuff too. I also diverge from the story some about things that come to mind.

We also recently went to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN to see their people. A Doctor buddy of mine called it "Mecca," so I used that in my blog. It didn't turn out to be a successful trip for us. I created a seperate blog about that trip during the trip, which is here:

As I touch on these topics, i encourage any of you to post about any experience you may have had with them. If you want to write about something else related to this topic (ALS, Lyme, etc.) and have it posted here, I welcome any guest writers and will post your information with a note about it. If you have your own blog about this, let me know and i'll post a link to it.


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