Thursday, February 12, 2009

Today...ugh and an Ironic tidbit...

First the Ironic Tidbit...
I put ads on the site to help anyone dealing with this disease also potentially find answers since the ads are pretty darn relevant to the content. Believe me, it 'aint putting the kids through college, so far, I could not buy one of you a latte' with my revenue share. The ironic thing is that when I see an ad on the site when I'm reviewing my post (usually finding typos and sometimes things that make NO sense at all), I sometimes would like to click on it and see what's behind it because it's relevant to ME! The only problem is, if I click on it, Google will disable my account because you can't click on ads on your own site. I'm not bagging on them, their policy makes perfect sense because people might just sit there and click on ads all day on their own site to try to make money. This, of course, would not work because they have technology that prevents this from working. It's commonly known as click fraud and is against the law. The irony is that I might be the PERFECT customer for some of these stem cell advertisers or whatever.

On the other hand, this came to my attention overtly the other day when a friend sent me a link because he thought I'd be interested in a stem-cell clinic and it was from an ad he found on the blog. I guess the universe can work perfectly around situations as needed.

OK, on to my next here's the world I live in today... H's mom came into town and promptly got sick, maybe from something on the plane flying in or a bug that daughter R had. After a 2 day "house arrest" in the guest suite (a.k.a. the basement bedroom) she's now in the hospital with bronchial pneumonia and the flu. Now I don't feel that great and don't want to get H sick so I have asked H's friend K to take care of her tonight in a room at the Hilton nearby. Another friend is running her gear around to her after bringing us dinner and I'm babysitting (a.k.a Parenting) my 3 girls, one of whom came home from school sick today...EGADS! This really blows.

I'm about to put a moritorium on out of town parental visits because there seems to be a high probability of them getting sick. Last summer, my Dad came into town and wound up in the hospital all week, culminating in a shiny (I assume) new pacemaker for his ticker. Let's see, if H's dad comes to town and gets sick, then we are 3 for 3 on out of town parental visits and I will be "assessing the situation."

On the serious side, I have a very real fear right now that if H gets this, she will not be able to recover because she can barely cough. It honestly scared the sh** out of me today. I have been spraying Lysol all over the house, and wiping things down with antiseptic wipes. I feel like friggin' Howard Hughes (minus the foot long fingernails and random bottles of pee around the place.) I would scream HELP! but I don't think there's anything anyone can do and that sucks too. Thanks for humoring my little vent this least that helps a little.
PS, I know I'm ranting when I look back at my post and it has lots of parenthesis, quotes, a.k.a's, i.e's and such, so sorry.


  1. Bill hang in there. If you decide you need more "hands" to help spray things down...let me know! Also, if I can help out by bringing H anything at the hotel, help with the girls, etc..we are home and ALWAYS able to help. I am not sick and would not be bringing any new bugs to you. Kristi

  2. I truly understand the gravity of your situation. Please let me know how and when I can help you and H. My thoughts and prayers are always with you and your family.

  3. So - Bill, this whole sick episode stinks...and I can imagine is no fun whatsoever!

    Kids harbor germs - it's the truth - kids and planes.

    I'd like to think that H (and I) have a strong constitution in regards to common sicknesses since we were both once flight attendants. I was sick as a dog my first year of flying - I must have caught (and H too) almost every single contagious disease on the planet - which stinks when you can't call in sick more than twice a year. ;) No wonder so many people get sick on planes - all the staff is flying sick.

    But, I digress. My main point is that you only have to call if you need help! I seriously mean it. We'll take the girls for a weekend (yes all of them) - do whatever we can to give you a respite. Or you and H can have a "Vacation in the City" and we'll go to your house. Though, you might be slumming it.... :)

    I hesitate to say anything because truthfully, I really can't imagine what you and H and the girls are going through right now. I've tried, and only God knows what you are going through. I don't say this lightly either.

  4. Bill,

    Let Suzanna and me know if you need anything. Even if it's just bringing you a 12 pack.

  5. Your rants make me smile.