Monday, April 27, 2009

Taos - Nuevo Mehico

What do you give someone with ALS for their birthday? Material interests fall away in the face of this. I for one, want nothing ever again for my birthday than a memory of time well spent with family and friends.

Ok, so we are in Taos, NM tonight. Decided to come here at the last minute for H's b-day and to visit: Santuario de Chimayo which is a early 1800's church about 1.5 hours south of here. (Google it if you are interested.) There is a "Miracle room" there that people have gotten up and left their wheelchairs and crutches behind them waiting for us there. It will be H's 41'st bday tomorrow and we thought that there wouldn't be a better day to ask God for a miracle than then.

You know, we have gone down so many paths and it is difficult to say what will happen with this one. You can never expect a miracle, yet they say that you must believe in order to experience one. But, if you believe, shouldn't you expect one? A riddle inside of an enigma.

Blind faith, if you will.

Well, to that I say, what other kind of faith is there? In order to have faith, you have to believe in something that does not make emperical or scientific sense. You have to believe in the agenda of a higher power. You have to be at your very core, delivering your essence to whatever may come, hoping for forgiveness, health, love, or even some elusive understanding. We would all do well to say those prayers every day, I suppose.

Theological arguments aside, these are the things and God hopes from us, all in the spirit of selflesness.

So, tomorrow, we will visit this holy place and say our prayers. If you happen to remember, at around 11 am or so Mountain time, maybe you can say them for us as well, I expect that we will be there around then.



  1. We will join you in prayer at 11 am tomorrow! Please add my dad to your prayers as well.
    Here's hoping that H and dad both get their miracle!!

    Happy Birthday Heidi!!


  2. Anji,
    You betcha, will do! Thanks for your birthday wish and comment!

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  4. I read this blog in the early morning, I was up at 4:30am for a run, and my mantra was a prayer for your wife the whole 6 miles. Happy Birthday Heidi.

  5. Bill,

    I'll be praying too.... Please give Heidi a birthday hug for me. I miss you guys and wish I still lived down the street so I could do more to help.

    And thank you for keeping this blog. I read it faithfully and always have you all in my thoughts and prayers. Heidi and the girls are so lucky to have you.

    OK... I'm setting my alarm for 10:55.
    Ann Whitley

  6. God Bless you all and Happy Birthday, Heidi! I pray for you every day.
    Aunt Sandra

  7. We are lifting you all up in prayer. Happy Birthday, Heidi! We love you guys.
    Robbie and Julie

  8. Happy Birthday Heidi!! I'm thinking of all of you today and you have been in my prayers!

  9. There is no place better than Taos for that to happen. Magical place. Best to all of you. - T

  10. so glad to be back to reading all your beautiful words and thoughts. i believe in miracles and i pray all the time for one for your sweet family. the love and strength ya'll have and show is tearfully moving. thank you for being so good to my sweet friend...missy