Monday, April 6, 2009

Thank you.

As Usual,
The team is coming through. Just a sample of the support we have...
Lots of FB comments and emails about my post regarding Mindy and her clinic. All positive, all keeping me hopeful that A: she'll feel it, B she'll answer my questions, C: She will not rape people who are desperate. I don't know if that is what she is doing, but I will feel like it until proven otherwise. I continue to weigh my options in this regard. Several people have offered to help from a legal perspective. Right now, I don't have the energy to pursue it. That doesn't mean I won't.

Great Dinners! OMG. Our neighbors and friends are so awesome. Curry, Coconut shrimp, Fried Chicken, Chocolate mousse, Teriyaki chicken, stew, salads.... YUM. Thank you so much. Love you guys and everyone that keeps this food coming. It rocks so hard that I almost can't take it. I have to run miles and miles just to exhaust the calories and the feelings that it churns up. I honestly am in awe of all of you. I know too that you think it is the least that you can do, which is so not true. I think it is the most.

Buddies for movies. So a couple of my buddies from across the pond keep turning me on to these awesome British gangster movies. They are ridiculous, violent and darkly humorous, but hey, it's a good distraction. Layer Cake, Lock Stock and Two Smokin' Barrels and Snatch, so far. Madonna's EX Guy Ritchy seems like the genius behind them. Classic bad (good) films. Not exactly the Shawshank Redemption, but entertaining none the less.

Good: Green Day. Their concert on Palladia made me churn the ELIP faster than ever, 7.2 mph pace for 35 mins on level 11. Maybe that's not exactly rock star speed for elite athletes, but I have not been one of those for about 15 years. Man, those dudes rock. Also saw Kid Rock's "Storytellers." I've seen the Kid in concert once and he does not disappoint. The dude can hit it. Storytellers is not long enough or set up in a true concert setting, but it's cool to hear the artists' rap on their own stuff and their influences. Highly recommend.

Planning a trip to Mexico to go fishing with some buddies. Clear my head, feed my soul, and give me strength to carry on. Recharge the batteries so to speak. Sometimes I feel SO drained. I will spend a week thinking about the best rigs to catch marlin, tuna, wahoo and pargo. I will think whether or not my three sevens will beat whatever my buddy is bidding $20 on. I will wonder whether i'm going to drink Pacifico or Corona, and I will think about "the little picture." I can't escape the big picture. I have never been able to do that, but I can try to do a little focusing on the little picture for a week in early June. I thank everyone that is helping make that happen in advance for that, and for those of you that are going.

Songs are forming in my head. I'll need a musician to help me actually make them songs, but so far I think the lyrics are powerful. I have not written them down yet. Some of it leans dark, some of it not. I'm not ready to write more about that yet.

I got to share a half a chapter or so of my book with a friend this week that was relevant to him in a business setting. He sent me a note that he was ROTFL. Which is a good sign. Sometimes I have no idea how my writing affects people, but I did think that story was pretty funny too. In retrospect, of course. That stuff 'ain't funny when you are going through it.

Never thought I'd say this but: Spring break is over. Kids are back in school, Friends that help are coming back to town and I don't have to worry about entertaining the kids for 7 hours on top of everything else going on. I USED to LOVE spring break. Hmm...what is the summer going to be like. Starting to fill it up NOW!



  1. Bill,

    I am sad with you this day as I read your blog for the first time in a long while. But your courage is inspiring. Standing and praying with you.

    Arthur, H4 Palm Villas, Hawaii

  2. Bill, I came across your blog site quite by accident. I have a dear friend in the advanced stages of ALS who has also fallen into the trap of 'research' and hopes of a cure through Mindy. Her poor husband has to be the fall guy to tell her the family no longer has the funds to continue as they now must look for 24/7 in home caregivers, all out of pocket. This false hope treatment has cost the family thousands of dollars, caused my dear friend and her family much anguish. I would like to see this 'clinic' investigated, perhaps by a TV station that would love this type of challenge when those in the midst are too tired and overwhelmed to pursue anything further. I will continue to follow your site and look forward to any further news. Your family and all those who must live through the devastating, ravaging disease of ALS are in my heart and prayers. God Bless You!