Friday, May 8, 2009

Dutch Bros Rocks...

Got a note back from Dutch Bros...Good people!

Thank you very much for your email. We are more then happy to apply the proceeds from your purchase to the MDA fund. Have an outstanding day!
Dutch Bros. Coffee
"... to give every living creature you meet a smile!" - The Dutch Creed

-----Original Message from me to them-----

Hi, I purchased some gear on your site the other day based on a promo for the ALS day posted by Kassi. The total was about $50, but I did it the day of her post. I would respectifully ask that you apply my purchase to the ALS contributions. Thank you very much, Bill

------------peace out---------

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  1. $83,000 from May 8th, 2009 sales was donated to ALS research through the MDA!!!!!! WHOOO HOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you to everyone who swamped their local Dutch Bros.