Friday, June 5, 2009

Quick Note re: ALS Forum

One of my friends posted a link to the ALS Forum, which has a research based angle on what's up in that part of the ALS world. There are a couple interesting articles there right now, one related to IPLEX and the other related to the familial enzyme SOD1 that is linked to the hereditary cases of ALS. Here's a link:

On the personal side, I'm headed off to Mexico for a fishing trip with a great group of friends. On one hand, it is hard to leave H, but she is in good hands here with family that came out to visit and friends around the neighborhood. Hopefully this break will rejuvenate my spirit a bit and the ocean and blue water is major soul food for me. (So, of course we live in Colorado!) I will create a Mexico blog to post photos, and news from the trip. We have a mini fishing tournament set up, so that should be fun. We are calling it the "No Shore - Offshore Derby," since not one of us lives on the coast.

Also, a little bundle of joy was brought to our house yesterday. Crystal, H's step-sister just had a baby 3 weeks ago and she came out to visit. Parker is so cute, and H was ALL SMILES yesterday with him in her arms. She just absolutely LOVES babies!


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