Friday, February 20, 2009


Hi All,
Just a quick note to let you know that Heidi now has a page on ALS-TDI called "Hope for Heidi."
There are lots of different organizations that work on ALS issues and help people with ALS. This is the one that we feel is most likely to find a cure or effective treatment the fastest by virtue of their methodologies. In a nutshell, while they are involved in researching all possible treatments and answering questions for people affected by ALS, they are primarily focused on determining whether any of the thousands of existing, approved drugs show any efficacy in treating ALS. For those of us that are dealing with this right now, we don't have time to wait multiple years for clinical trials and FDA approvals on new treatments or technologies.

The company was founded by Sean Scott, who we had the opportunity to meet last year in Hawaii at an event hosted by the Queen's medical center in Honolulu. Sean's family had a history of ALS, and though he seemed to be in perfect health when we saw him just one year ago, in the mean time he was diagnosed with ALS and passed away about two weeks ago due to complications associated with the disease. This was a shocking reminder to us how deadly this horrible thing is and our best wishes go out to his family and to the whole team at ALS-TDI because we understand. Sean was a Dynamo and we felt privileged to meet him.

In our case, ALS-TDI makes the most sense, though there are many worth causes out there.
Here's a link to the Hope for Heidi page:

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