Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thank you and a quick update:

It's been a while since I did any "housekeeping" and since the readership of this blog is growing, I just wanted to take this opportunity to do so. First of all, Thank YOU! Thanks for reading, thanks for commenting and thanks for sharing the blog with anyone you think might be interested or helped. Your support is what is getting us all through this and I can't really thank you enough. I am humbled in the presence of such wonderful people.

The way this works is the newest post is first on the blog, so if you want the full story, you need to go back to the beginning. You can do this by clicking on the "archives" on the right side of this page. You might need to scroll down a bit, but look for the oldest date and go from there.

Heidi is brave. She decided to post about her condition to her Facebook page, and anyone seeing her new info will now know about what's going on with her. She may have pointed you here from there, so welcome to those of you that find this from there. Heidi's had a bit of a spark lately and i'm so proud of her for being strong in the face of this dispicable circumstance.

Welcome, also to those of you who find this from anywhere else, as now the blog has been visited almost 1600 times from people in 10 countries including places like Guatemala, South Africa, Japan, Singapore, England, Germany and Australia. Of course, the bulk of those visits are coming from the epicenter of our little earthquake, right here in the Denver, CO area.

Many of my friends, besides their obvoius concern for H, ask me how I'm doing, so I want to assure you all that I'm doing pretty well. This is not easy, of course, and I have my down days, but I've been working on my business, writing a lot and working out and these things seem to keep me sane. I'm learning as much as I can about how to take care of H going forward and sometimes these research escapades are very painful because they involve hearing other people's stories that have gone through this and it sort of "shocks me back" when I read the words of those that have already passed or words of family left behind. As I've said to a friend recently, I have to take this in sips. Luckily for me, I am good at sips, since I like wine so much.

Also, many of my friends have lost their jobs and given the breadth and depth of these economic problems we have, that you may also have been in some way affected. My heart and hope goes out to all of you that are having problems of your own. Stay strong.
Peace, B.

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  1. Bill,
    I am glad to hear that the "sick" has passed! Very glad to hear that Heidi did not get it. Thank you for the blog! I need the connection!
    Love ya: Kim