Thursday, November 26, 2009

Musings on Thanksgiving

I peel myself off the white shower pan
wondering how much of the water that went down the drain is diluted by the salt from my eyes.

I shave the gray from my face and marvel at the color of my eyes in the from beer and pain.

I look at shoulders, ripped from carrying, like my heart.

Thankful for this life

Thankful for the times I have had with my beautiful wife.

Thankful for freinds

Thankful for family

Thankful for new love and the promise of a future unwritten that mends.

Thankful for people that bring a voice to a disease with no survivors

Wondering when I will be able to speak of it again.

Wondering when the darkness of the day will lift and the stars of the night will shine again.

Yes, Thankful for this life

Sometimes ready to live it, sometimes wanting to fall back down on the shower pan and let the water flow until the tanks have gone cold.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, be there for those you love.


1 comment:

  1. Love you Daddy.

    I am thankful that it will proballly not be too long before I hold my baby in my arms again. Every day my mind goes over a chapter in our life together. As neighbors come by to say Hi and I read the FB from friends I feel her presence. But we must carry on for all those who love us. She would be upset if we didn't.