Saturday, December 19, 2009

Reference to an older post

I received a note on an old post that really touched and humbled me last night.

For the record, I will say that if I had chronic Lyme disease, that I WOULD DEFINITELY follow a long term regimen of antibiotics to aggressively kill of the several forms of the disease. I do believe, though probably hundreds of hours of research, that chronic Lyme disease is a much bigger problem then the medical establishment will recognize and that many more people are suffering from it than anyone realizes. I also happen to believe that there is a connection between Lyme and things like ALS and MS and that it can be communicated via tainted blood. But then again, I'm not an MD, only someone who has been drastically and painfully forced to learn about these issues.

The biggest problem I have with Mindy is that she completely dropped us the very second that we questioned whether her treatments were helping and suggested potential other things that we had heard about. She never called back and she cancelled Heidi's prescriptions at the pharmacy she is literally directly connected to, even her anti-depressants (which is extremely dangerous, especially given that she had been involved directly and acutely aware of Heidi's extreme depression and suicidal tendencies that flashed up from time to time.) Completely inexcusable and irresponsible. To date, she has never addressed my blog, except maybe for in an anonymous post that was very suspicious to me being "pro Mindy" and chastising me for "taking people's hope away" by not recommending her.

OK. End rant, but please do review Kris' note at the bottom of the comments section here. I hope that spouses and family of those affected by these degenerative disorders do step up and to whatever they can for their loved ones.

Peace to you during these holidays. And Health...that would be my wish for all of you.


  1. These chronic diseases are all related, related because of vaccines for one, vaccines are a major factor in the production of autoantibodies that perform in functions of immunopathology. The very action of the antigen in vaccines like for example in dogs, dogs vaccinated with Lyme Vacine get lyme disease pathology because the antigen and the immune cells result in IMMUNOPATHOLOGY.What most Lyme and others actually have is a dysregulated immune system, vaccines are the major cause of immune system dysregulation. Cell medicated immune defeciency that then accounts for the co infections, bacterial, viral,fungal,yeast, parasites.....ALL OF THIS IS FROM THE PERSONS IUMMUNE SYSTEM BEING DYSREGULATED from prior and continual vaccination. Cognitive dysfunction, neurological disease, spinal cord afflictions, everything traces back to the interaction of the antigen (which can be INJECTED or by natural infection injection) and the mammalian immune system cells. Autoantibodies only found in vaccinated individuals lead to auto immune disease. In lyme disease I frimly believe not all of these patients got the dis ease from a tick bite, if this antigen is also in any vaccines for example THE FLU VACCINE, if through contamination or intention, the result would be the same, pathology of lyme disease at epidemic proportions. Vaccines do not secure any immunity promise, immunity is not the same as antibody production, vaccination is not the same as immunization. read more at and when you are able to understand this...TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW. Vaccines cause immunopsurpession, specifically a T cell or cell mediated immunosupression that results in immune dysregulation and the body wide open to attack and corruption from things that the cell mediated response would normall take care of.

  2. I have been following your blog since many days now. Anyway thanks for sharing the reference of an older post. It is very important for me.